Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Republic of Georgia

I just came back from a 10 day vacation in the Republic of Georgia, and I swear it felt like I was there for 3 weeks.

I think a large part of that is how new and foreign everything was, so I spent more time paying attention and being in the moment. I also played a show there, and that made it even more awesome. Otherwise, it's a total anomaly in our time bubble system. I'm sure there's a unifying theory that covers this, though.

Also, London Heathrow Airport is a total time stall. Ugh.

5 does not pop a Bubble

% people gathering for a lunch did not upset the Time Bubble. So either that means 5 is a good combo or that the right 5 were at lunch. I am beginning to think that time bubbles are not related to places as much as they are the peopel in the places. However if that is the case then my honeymoon should have been within the time bubble, no? Perhaps its a combination of the two? There's a calculus equation here. Calix?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Will he work?

This is a drawing of our friend Peter, we were contemplating whether he would fit into our time bubble...

and apparently, a form of skull shirt is also appropriate to experience a time bubble...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Vacations are immune to Time Bubbles.

My honeymoon was in Puerta Vallarta was fun and wonderful, but I observed the lack of any sort of Time Bubble activity. This leads me to believe that vacations are devoid of having Time Bubble occurances. Perhaps it's that part of Mexico? I would have assumed that there's might be portions of our trip that would have found a Time Bubble, but the hours progressed on a normal schedule. Is there the possibility of a Time Bublle on a vacation? And if so, how long would one last? Calix and Eva will have to document their experinces on thier upcoming trips, but my inital therory is that Time Bubbles can not pentrate personal vacation time, thus making it impossible to have a Time Bubble experince while on vacation.